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  1. Germans Love The Orchid!

    Well… at least one German loves The Orchid enough to review our two most recent albums.

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  2. Test Press

    Test Press

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  3. Daughter


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  4. The Sound of Animals Fighting

    My 2006 interview with Rich Balling, also known as The Nightingale, of The Sound of Animals Fighting.

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  5. That One Song | Style Weekly Richmond's alternative for news, arts, culture and opinion

    During the past couple of years, Murphy’s Kids have seen good friends come and go. As lead singer and trumpet player John Charlet explains: “We called the new album ‘Departures’ because people who mean a lot to us have left Richmond to follow their dreams, and a few passed away. Of course that affected us.”

  6. Today is Record Store Day

    Get out there and support your local indie record store.

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  7. Recent goings-on

    Here's an abbreviated list of things that have been going on lately.

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  8. On the impending closing of Tower Records

    Tonight I made what will likely be the first of many trips to my local Tower Records before the impending shutdown.

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  9. Murphy's Kids

    Murphy's Kids will blow up in a big way this year.

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