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  1. Germans Love The Orchid!

    Well… at least one German loves The Orchid enough to review our two most recent albums.

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  2. Launching FrancisCMS onto the IndieWeb

    About a month ago, I quietly launched a new version of this site. It’s been in the works for quite some time.

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  3. Ten Years of

    Ten years ago today, I launched the most-recent version of this site.

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  4. Notes from “Designing for Performance”

    If you build websites for a living or work with people who do, stop what you’re doing and get yourself (or your team) a copy of this book.

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  5. Cutting the Mustard Revisited

    Taking a look at a few possible updates to the BBC News team’s classic JavaScript feature detection.

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  6. Inline SVG with PNG Fallback

    Demonstrating a useful technique for providing fallback content to browsers lacking support for inline SVGs.

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