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  1. DIY Time Capsule with a Raspberry Pi

    As a Mac user I’ve always used Time Machine for local backups. The only issue is that it requires plugging a drive directly into your machine or buying an Apple Time Capsule. At $200–$400 that’s not a cheap option for NAS backups. So I set out to create my own DIY Time Capsule using a 3TB Hard Drive and a Raspberry Pi.

    A helpful tutorial from Caleb Woods outlining how to use a handful of packages—including netatalk—to create a Time Machine-compatible backup system using a Raspberry Pi.

  2. Maintenance, Operational Concerns, and Cost — Chronic Build Failure — Medium

    Jon Daniel on software maintenance:

    I’ve realized that successful applications in an “Enterprise” environment spend far more time in maintenance mode then they do being actively developed. Consumers of your application don’t care that you used some cutting edge framework or state-of-the-art architectural patterns. They just care that it works and continues to work well.

    Jon goes deep on operational concerns and posits:

    Software is not done until it is decommissioned.

    I couldn’t agree more.


    A data picker system configured to allow a user to select data from a data site for submission to a data repository comprises an interface unit configured to provide a user with an interface for the user to input location information of a data site, a parsing unit configured to parse data in the data site and extract a data set from the data site, a selection mechanism configured to permit the user to select at least a portion of the extracted data set, and a processing unit configured to process at least a portion of the extracted data set selected by the user.

  4. Ubuntu on an iBook

    For a laugh, I decided to try out a Linux distro on my old 700 Mhz G3 iBook (mid-2002 revision).

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