The Sound of Animals Fighting interview

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A month or so back, J-sin asked me if I’d like to interview The Sound of Animals Fighting. TSoAF is a progressive, experimental art project/rock band made up of members of Circa Survive, Finch, Rx Bandits, and a number of other great bands. They’ve put out two very different records and just wrapped up a series of shows (their only series, sadly) out west.

When J-sin asked me if I’d like to interview the band, I jumped at the opportunity. With Nguyet’s help, I put together what I thought was a pretty good series of questions. I sent them off to J-sin and hoped that I wouldn’t come off as a rank amateur (which I was/am).

Good news is, the interview has just been published on J-sin’s site, Smother. J-sin gave me the thumbs up on it (thanks dude!) and it looks like the Nightingale enjoyed answering my questions.

Check out my interview with The Sound of Animals Fighting. Learn more about TSoAF at Wikipedia.