Recent goings-on

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So here’s an abbreviated list of things that have been going on lately:

  • Went down south to the Refresh ‘06 conference with Cindy and Jeremy. We ran into a few friends and made a lot of new ones. The conference was educational and sparked a few ideas. The post-conference socializing (“networking” if you want to be a nerd about it) was excellent, I had the occasion to meet a lot of really cool people. SXSW is about four months away, but it seems like a long time to not see folks.
  • AIM Pages launched. I started on this project way into its development cycle and was responsible for developing several of the interfaces (Quick Edit Mode, Buddy Invites, and Pictures). AIM Pages is a really cool use of a number of technologies and I have high hopes for the products future development.
  • Got addicted to Twitter whilst in Orlando. Everyone admits the site is a useless time-wasting vortex. And yet, we can’t turn away.
  • Jeremy Keith hits upon an interesting concept he’s dubbed portable social networks. Carbomb and I are working on an interface for this idea that we’re both pretty excited about.
  • Several of us are putting together a recap of the Refresh '06 conference for this month’s Refresh DC meeting. More info can be found on the site or on the event’s page.
  • Mir (this band I’m in, you see) holed up in the studio this weekend to record. Twenty six hours later, we have drums/bass on seven songs and guitars on four of those. We’re looking to do vocals this coming weekend. It’s terribly exciting to hear.

So this is a little scatter-brained, but it is getting late.