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  1. WDG Hosts Refresh DC Talk About “The UI of AI”

    Last week, WDG opened our new Clarendon office to a packed audience for Refresh DC. We were thrilled to have Maxim Leyzerovich, Senior Experience Lead at Capital One, discussing “The UI of AI.” With years of UX design experience, Leyzerovich is known for his deep insights about the intersection of design and technology.

    I couldn’t make last week’s Refresh DC meetup, but I’m grateful for the hard work my fellow organizers put into the event, to Maxim for speaking, and to the folks at WDG for hosting and putting together this great recap!

  2. Reflecting on Nine Years of Refresh DC

    Since March, 2006, Refresh DC has served as a monthly gathering point for Web professionals. I can't believe it's been nine years.

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  3. Refresh DC's Code of Conduct

    Beginning today, Refresh DC has a clearly-written Code of Conduct.

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  4. nclud After After Party

    The good gentlemen at nclud are putting together an "After After Party."

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  5. Catching up

    It's been a while since my last post.

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  6. Refresh DC site relaunch

    I'm happy to announce we've just relaunched the Refresh DC site.

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  7. Recent goings-on

    Here's an abbreviated list of things that have been going on lately.

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  8. Speaking at Refresh DC

    My partner in crime, Jeremy Carbaugh, and I will be speaking next Thursday night at the June meeting of Refresh DC.

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  9. Refresh DC

    Refresh DC launched today.

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