End-Of-Year Reading Report (2022 Edition)

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Twenty Twenty Two: The Year We Read Nothing But Graphic Novels.

Most of this year’s report consists of “landmark” comics events of the last thirty years. Most don’t pass the test of time and/or require too much additional context or adjacent published material.

I least enjoyed the Batman Cataclysm and No Man’s Land saga. The problems are too numerous to unfurl here (the title character’s fascistic worldview, seemingly slapdash conclusion, etc.), but ultimately the entire lengthy endeavour fell flat. I grew up on ‘80s and '90s Batman comics and thankfully not all are as disappointing as this arc.

I most enjoyed Ed Brubaker’s Fatale series. Just a wild time-hopping science fiction noir story that really captured my attention early in the year. Unlike anything I’ve read.

Here’s everything I read in 2022:

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