End-Of-Year Reading Report (2016 & 2017 Edition)

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Two years have passed since I last reported my annual reading habits (here and here). To make up for lost ground, I present to you a combined 2016 and 2017 end-of-year reading report, courtesy my Goodreads account:

Books I read in 2016

Books I read in 2017

These last two years pale in comparison to 2015’s book-reading bonanza. Nevertheless, I did read a lot of interesting non-fiction and consumed a healthy dose of graphic novels.

I’ve got a few goals for 2018:

  1. Read more—both fiction and non-fiction—by women, people of color, and other under-represented voices. I’ll use my existing pile of unread books, NPR’s Best Books of 2017, and R. O. Kwon’s 46 Books By Women of Color to Read in 2018 as starting points.
  2. Improve the balance between fiction and non-fiction and diversify within those two categories (e.g. historical fiction and sci-fi, politics and programming).
  3. Spend more of the daily commute reading (instead of, say, scrolling through Twitter).
  4. Choose to finish what I start or abandon what I don’t like. I’ve got a small habit of starting and not finishing books without deliberately setting aside ones that aren’t piquing my interest.

That about covers it for me. What have you read in the last year or so that you found meaningful and/or enjoyable?