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  1. Readability: Enjoy Reading. Support Writing.

    The following is a proposed standard for bringing more semanticity to articles on the Web. In our efforts to provide quality content without the superfluous leavings, we’ve seen that the Web is a pretty messy place. We hope that by providing some simple guidelines we can help publishers make their content a little more presentable with Readability while also making the Web a bit more semantic.

  2. Better for Accessibility — Simply Accessible

    You may have heard that display:none is bad for accessibility and that you should use off-left positioning instead. It isn’t about using display: none; or off-left positioning. It isn’t just about screen reader users. It’s about making an interface work for everyone with efficient keyboard access for everyone that needs it—sighted or not.

  3. jQuery.fracs ·

    jQuery.fracs determines the fraction of an HTML element that is currently in the viewport, as well as the fraction it takes of the complete viewport and the fraction of the area that might possibly be visible. It also provides the coordinates of the visible rectangle in document, element and viewport space.

  4. Inspired By Steve

    This is a little site a couple of us at Viget put together today.

    “Steve Jobs profoundly influenced our daily lives, our work, and our culture. Perhaps his most important contribution is the way he has inspired so many of us. By example and through wise words, he challenged and encouraged us all to dare, to aspire, and to create.

    Let’s celebrate his legacy.”