Catching up

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It’s been a while since my last post. Please pardon our dust. A lot’s been going on, so here’s a brief wrap-up.

Refresh DC was featured this week on two CSS gallery sites: Most Inspired and CSS Mania. As far as I know, none of my work has ever been featured on a gallery site, so this is particularly cool. Big thanks again to Martin for the fantastic design.

Speaking of Martin, he’s joined forces with Alex Giron and John Riviello to form nclud. I’m really looking forward to seeing what those three put out as they’re all extremely talented (and all-around good guys, too!). Best of luck, gents!

In recent months, 200ok has gone from being a quirky name that Jeremy and I used for silly projects to a full-fledged company. We filled out all the paperwork and hooked up with the amazingly talented Justin Babuscio, Cindy Li, and Nguyet Vuong. Never fear, none of us are quitting our day jobs yet, we’re just trying our hand at small business ownership. Working two (and sometimes three or four) jobs at a time has been taxing, but we’re all excited about where this might take us.

South by Southwest is coming up right soon. I fly out tomorrow morning bright and early with Mr. Lawver and a whole litany of other AOL folk. This will be my third trip to Austin for the conference and, once again, it’s going to be amazing. The crowd this year is going to be larger than ever (by all accounts), so I’m interested to see how that goes. There are more events and panels that I’m interested in than I have time to list here, so go check it out for yourself.

Odds are I’ll have another big announcement (hopefully) later today regarding a project I’ve been working on. Some of you may know it as Ape Shirt, but right soon you’ll know it by its real name. Stay tuned…