Vongo: A failure of design

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Vongo: A failure of design

During the always excellent Colbert Report, I caught the tail end of an ad for Vongo. I wasn’t sure what Vongo was, so I went to their site to check it out. I was greeted with the above. The site reports an “OS Failure.”

This is horrible design for two reasons.

  1. It is insulting to the user to insinuate a failure on their part due entirely to a failure of your site/application.
  2. My first (and now, only) impression of this site is that it is unprofessional and poorly designed. I won’t be investigating their services any further.

Don’t let the Web 2.0 design style fool you. This sort of approach is decidedly Web 1.0. A humorous aside to you developers out there, check out the source.