Ten Years of sixtwothree.org

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Ten years ago today, at 10:03 pm EST, I launched the most-recent version of this site with a mandatory introductory post. Ten years.

Quite a lot’s changed since then. This site is now hosted with Digital Ocean and I long ago abandoned WordPress in favor of Jekyll. I’ve been hard at work for far too long on an IndieWeb-friendly CMS, dubbed FrancisCMS, that I hope to launch over the upcoming holidays.

Some things haven’t changed, though. I’m still very much a Web developer. I live and work in Washington, DC, and I play in a post-rock band with some friends of mine. I also still enjoy taking photos.

Those remain the basics for the time being. As I’ve tried to do over the last ten years, I’ll continue to use this space to post things I find interesting and explain to you why I find them interesting. I’ve no idea what the Web (or this small site) will look like in ten years, but I’m excited to help shape it.