SXSW Recap (bullet point style)

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  • Dang there were a lot of people.
  • Wait in lines? No thanks, start your own party at Buffalo Billiards.
  • The panel went really well. We had a great time and I think the audience enjoyed it as well. Keep an eye on the podcasts page. We’ll be up there eventually.
  • SXSW will never get my badge photo correct. Ever.
  • I’ve never drank so much in all my life. Well, if you know me, you know that’s really not saying a whole lot.
  • Twitter is the way to get things done.
  • Ficlets won a major award! Check out Kevin’s photo of the trophy.
  • Team Refresh crushed all comers (again) in the 3rd Annual Bowling Tournament. One word: dynasty. See Dan’s photo of us all.
  • The Zuckerberg/Lacey incident was the best and worst panel/keynote I attended.
  • While a lot of presentations were lacking on the nitty gritty, most everything I sat in on sparked at least one idea, related or otherwise.

There you have it, SXSW 2008 by the bullet points. You can check out all my photos from this year over on Flickr.