Grassroots and The New Web

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I recently handed over the reigns of the Global Youth Partnership for Africa site to their team. I’m happy to see that things continue to go well. They recently added a blog to the site and continue to expand the photography on their Flickr page. Now that I think about it, having their events on might also prove beneficial.

Writing this just now got me thinking how “Web 2.0″ or "The New Web” or whatever you wish to call it can really help grassroots organizations such as GYPA. The availability of these free social services, and the communities that comprise them, virtually hand over an audience to an organization looking to boost membership. Perhaps this is nothing new and I’m stating the obvious, but it still is amazing for a developer such as myself who remembers days of yore and having to submit your site to Yahoo! and wait patiently for your site to be added to their index.

Long gone are those days. You can build an audience simply by setting up accounts on sites like Flickr,, and even, God forbid, MySpace.

So yeah, no amazing revelations here, but it is an exciting time to be a web designer/developer/technophile.