Speaking at CSS Summit in July

Published on .

This July 7th, I’ll be speaking at the seventh annual CSS Summit, a three-day online conference organized by the wonderful people at Environments for Humans, alongside some incredible Web designers and developers. Look at that lineup!

It’s been ages since I’ve spoken publicly and I’m grateful to Christopher for inviting me to kick things off. No pressure! The plan’s to present a brief history of progressive enhancement, examine its relevance in 2015, and offer a framework for applying the principles of progressive enhancement to the entire design process.

My hope is that attendees will walk away with a better conceptual understanding of progressive enhancement and practical ways in which they can apply that understanding to their design and development process. It’s an amazing time for Web designers and I’m looking forward to sharing with the CSS Summit crowd the lessons I’ve learned designing and building future-friendly Web things.

If you’re interested in attending CSS Summit, you can save 20% off the ticket price with discount code “JASON.” Christopher and the rest of the Environments for Humans crew have put together an amazing lineup and it’s a privilege to be in the leadoff spot on Tuesday, July 7th. I hope to see you there!