I Voted

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I voted eleven days ago because I live in a place—Washington, DC—that respects its citizens and their right to vote. Every American should be so privileged.

I voted because it’s my responsibility as a citizen in our ever-improving democracy.

I voted against hatred, fear, xenophobia, racism, and misogyny.

But more importantly…

I voted for an imperfect but overly-qualified candidate who represents more of my values than not.

I voted for a vision of a more equal and more just America for my beautiful nieces and nephew. They deserve nothing less.

I voted for a woman because it’s beyond time we broke through that glass ceiling.

I voted for reforming a criminal justice system that discriminates against African Americans.

I voted for a leveling of the playing field for all Americans.

I voted for a candidate who acknowledges that the Earth’s climate is changing, that we’re responsible for that change, and that we have the means of confronting and solving the problem.

I voted for pragmatism.

I voted for inclusivity.

I voted for womens’ rights.

I voted for civil rights.

I voted for human rights.

I voted for equality.

I voted for love.

I voted and I encourage you to do the same. Visit iwillvote.com for more information on where you can vote today.