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Election Eve Magic Hour

As you’ve no doubt heard, tomorrow’s Election Day here in America. I proudly cast my ballot ten days ago for the first woman nominated to be President from a major party in United States history. No candidate for office will ever fully meet your definition of perfect, but in this election more than any other, the choice is clear as to which candidate best represents my values and, for that matter, American values.

If you live in a place with candidates running for state and local offices, I encourage you to research those candidates’ ideas and positions before casting your ballot tomorrow. State and local elections matter just as much—and in some cases more—than those for national offices.

If you’re not registered to vote, you can find out how to register at vote.gov. Some states allow for same-day voter registration. Get out there and exercise your rights!

If you’re already registered, you can find information on your polling place and the hours during which you can vote tomorrow, head over to iwillvote.com.