SXSW Panel Pickin' Time!

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I’ve blatantly ripped the title for this from Kevin’s post on the subject, but what the hey!

It’s that special time of year again. Time for all the web geeks to come out of the woodwork and determine panels for this coming year’s South by Southwest Interactive conference. This year, there are something on the order of 600+ panels to choose from, so voting will be no easy task. In an effort to make it easier on you, the attendee, I shall point you to this panel:

Career Transitions: From DIY to Working for The Man

The panel was thought up by Kevin Lawver and Cindy Li and will also feature yours truly and Thomas Vander Wal. It should be a good panel, and I hope you agree. Vote for me (or Cindy… or Kevin… or Thomas…)!

Once I can get through all 600 or so submissions, I’ll try and post a few of my favorites.