Rhythmic Uprising podcasts

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Ben Watkins and I are pleased to announce the launching of Rhythmic Uprising podcasts. Rhythmic Uprising, based out of Bahia, Brazil, seeks to bring opportunity to at-risk youth in the culturally rich, but economically depressed, region. For more on the project’s goals, see their mission page.

Ben produced the videos on-location and handed them off to me to implement and promote. Since Ben’s site is presented in English and Portuguese, the podcasts had to follow suit. This means double the design and double the work. To alleviate some of the tedium of updating, we decided to present the podcasts on one page, hosted at the rhythmicuprising.org domain. I think I managed to come up with a nice solution to the multi-language page. I’m pretty sure I correctly applied the lang attribute to the columns. Accessibility gurus, your thoughts?

The page’s design was done by your’s truly and features enough rounded corners and gradients to satisfy your Web 2.0 needs. You’ll also notice the podcasts are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License. I applaud Ben’s decision to license the content under a Creative Commons license. He tells me that CC is all the rage in Brazil. That’s pretty rad, if you ask me.

Other items of note:

  • I used Dustin Diaz’s Sweet Titles for the nifty mouseover effects on the links.
  • Reinvented Software’s Feeder is an awesome little OSX app for creating RSS feeds. I wouldn’t have been able to manage iTunes’ insane amount of RSS extensions without it.
  • We’ve got links up to FireAnt which I haven’t used yet, but appears to be the goods.
  • FeedBurner takes all the pain out of potentially bandwidth-sucking RSS readers and podcast subscription software.
  • Lastly, if RSS really isn’t your bag, you can see the videos over on the Rhythmic Uprising page on YouTube.

I guess you might say we’re really leveraging Web 2.0 synergistic technologies to maximize our B2B ROI. Or, more appropriately, you could say we’re making use of the awesome, and often free, tools available.

Fancy tech aside, I hope the page serves Ben’s cause well and I’m looking forward to future installments of the video podcast. So go on, check out the podcasts!