Moving right along

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Seems like everyone’s on the move these days when it comes to jobs. Two of my close friends recently picked up stakes and joined up with some great local companies.

Samantha Warren has joined up with the fine folks at Viget Labs. Samantha’s a bad ass designer (just look at her site!) and an all around rock star.

Also switching it up is Justin Thorp, one of my co-conspirators (*ahem*, co-organizers) on BarCamp DC last year. Justin’s smart as all get out and he’s hooking up with Clearspring as a Community Manager. As I understand it, he’ll be an advocate for Clearspring’s widget platform and is charged with going out to the community and spreading the good word. That strikes me as right up his alley.

There’s a few other folks moving around, but I’m probably not allowed to speak about that. Congratulations to everyone! The DC area is really lighting up with opportunity.