More BarCamp DC feedback

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There’s a good amount of conversation going on post-BarCamp DC. There’s a growing amount of talk about community:

Martin Ringlein writes:

It was such an amazing experience to be surrounded by such passionate and like-minded designers and developers. Events like this really make you remember what drives this community; passion.

Martin hits the nail on the head. Late into the evening of BarCamp, there were still conversations going on about community. Alex Giron and Doug March came up with several great ideas for community-building. Expect good things out of those two.

Samantha Warren, on the Ogilvy PR blog, and Alisa Schadt and Jenna Marino, on the AIM Product Design Group blog also have excellent perspectives on the event.

Also worthy of note is Ross Karchner’s DC Tech Events Weekly. Ross provides a week-by-week rundown of all tech-related events happening in and around Washington, DC. Glancing at the list, you’ll see there are a ton of groups out there. Go find one that suits your passion.