It’s A Crazy Mixxed Up Web

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A lifetime ago, I worked for social news startup Mixx. If you follow that link, you’ll notice the website no longer exists; such is the startup life. Like all good startups, Mixx had a blog, a Twitter account, and various other social presences scattered around the Web.

I really enjoyed my time at Mixx. I was able to work with some of my favorite people—most of us former AOLers—building a scrappy little upstart link-sharing service. The product had a devoted, niche audience but never really set the world on fire or upended any of the major players in that space. That’s okay, though; we had a great time building the service and learned a lot along the way. I’m grateful for my experience at Mixx and would jump at the chance to work with that crew again.

Mixx and the whole of its user-generated content eventually faded from the Web, its existence marked only by a brief Wikipedia entry and a domain name—now owned by incubator Idealab—that mirrors the PopUrls website.

I recalled recently that, while at Mixx, I wrote a handful of posts for the aforementioned blog. Knowing full well that they were no longer available at their original URLs, I headed straight over to the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, dropped in my old author page URL, and started clicking around.

Thanks to the efforts of the Internet Archive, I was able to uncover the following posts:

It’s hard to know whether or not that’s a complete list of the posts I wrote while at Mixx, but I’m glad that the Internet Archive was able to capture at least some of them. I’ve written before about the relatively short memory of the Web so I won’t rehash those points here. I’ll instead again encourage you to donate to the Internet Archive and support their efforts to preserve our shared digital culture.