Derek and Heather leave JPG Magazine

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Two of the founding members of JPG Magazine, Derek Powazek and Heather Champ have left 8020 Publishing over what appears to be an attempt at revisionism on the part of JPG’s “CEO.” It’s a sad story and I can’t imagine how hard it is for Derek and Heather to walk away from the community they grew. I’ll leave the “right” or the “wrong” up to you, dear reader:

There’s been a pretty strong reaction on Flickr and I’ll soon be adding myself to the list after I get my refund for my subscription. Upsetting that I had just subscribed to the magazine and was really looking forward to it.

You can still find the pre-revisionist issues of JPG Magazine on LuLu.

Update (16 May 2007): There’s been a lengthy discussion of the matter on Flickr, including comments from JPG Magazine. Part of me feels a bit knee-jerk reactionary on this, but the issues involved are complicated: mixing business/personal relationships, maintaining transparency, etc. etc. We web folk are a passionate (oft reactionary) bunch, which makes dealing with situations like this that much more difficult.