BarCamp DC

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The vaunted BarCamp un-conference is coming to Washington, DC this August 11th! I’m proud to be one of the organizers for BarCamp DC. We’ve got a lot of work left to do, but we’ve lined up a lot of good sponsors to help us pull off the event.

What’s an un-conference, you ask? Well, it’s a conference with no scheduled speakers or panels. Attendees show up the day of and ad-hoc organize a conference. Everyone is encouraged (often required) to participate in some fashion, either by giving a presentation or by leading a discussion on a given topic.

BarCamps are not just for web designers or developers. I encourage anyone interested in technology or other forms of new media to attend. The more diverse the crowd, the better the conversation.

I’m really excited about this and hope everyone comes out and has a good time. More info can be found over at